Director's Welcome


I would like to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the entire school community here at the International School of Ulaanbaatar. This year will mark ISU's 32nd year of service to the Ulaanbaatar community.

About ISU

The International School of Ulaanbaatar is an IB World school providing the Primary Years’ Programme, the Middle Years’ Programme and the Diploma Programme to a diverse community of approximately 25 nationalities. These programmes challenge children to question the world around them, to listen and deliberate on the information they are presented with, and to reflect on their own methods of analysis and situational biases. Students of these programmes become more rigorous in their thinking, more open-minded about the many possible perspectives one might have on issues and subject areas and more connected to the world through the topics of their learning.

We are accredited by both the Council of international Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), full re-accreditation last conferred in August, 2023.

ISU is committed to meeting the needs of the whole child, which means recognizing and speaking to their unique learning styles and their interests – providing them with distinct opportunities to connect with their studies, their classmates and the broader world around them.

One critical aspect of this is our co-curricular activities (CCAs) programme. This programme is designed to offer an array of events and activities which nurture the strengths and passions of your child and further develop areas of inexperience and unfamiliarity. A well-rounded CCA programme is a very important part of a balanced education.

Effective education involves a partnership and an alignment between the school and the home. To that end we welcome parental involvement in school life. We work hard to ensure that our channels of communication convey what the school and the parents most want to know about a child’s learning and well-being. Parents also serve on our Board of Trustees—a crucial entity which stewards the school in the realization of its mission and vision. And we have a warm and committed Parent Teacher Group (PTG) which we encourage all parents to join. It provides an introduction for newly-arrived families, and serves as an ongoing bridge between the goals of the school and its community.

I look forward once again to working closely with our students, our families and the broader Mongolian community this year. Please feel free to stop in at any time to share your questions and concerns, to find out ways of getting more involved, or just to chat.

Warm regards,

Mr. Bill Elman