ISU Believes that Effective Learning:
  • Is grounded in inquiry
  • Is built upon prior knowledge and understandings
  • Focuses on skills instead of content Makes purposeful and effective use of collaboration
  • Takes risks and embraces error
  • Is reflective / self-aware
  • Compels and empowers the learner to act in the broader world
  • Is a lifelong process

The International School of Ulaanbaatar offers students a balanced programme in which both intellectual and personal growth are promoted through inquiry-based, experiential study. Students begin their academic journey at ISU in Pre-K where they learn through play, developing a toolbox of essential skills and dispositions help to prepare them for future learning.

As students progress further at ISU, their growing confidence, competence and resilience permits them to tackle deeper challenges – academic challenges, interpersonal challenges and challenges which develop their character.

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