ISU teachers and administration believe every student should have numerous opportunities to pursue their passions and strengths in a supportive learning environment, and we know that our

  • diverse staff celebrates student choice and encourages intellectual risk-taking in that pursuit,
  • small class sizes are important because teachers truly get to know their students and individualize their instruction to meet student needs,
  • student-student, student-teacher, and teacher-teacher collaboration is based on integrity and collegiality, and
  • teachers and students are genuinely happy to be at ISU.

Rigorous, Holistic Education

The curriculum for 11th and 12th graders is based on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) which has earned worldwide respect for the depth and breadth of its curriculum. Courses are two-years long and culminate in externally-assessed exams. Internationally-recognised course outcomes require students to not only know the what, but they must also address the why and how of their subject, which develops analytical rigour and leads to powerful connections between disciplines.

Teaching and learning in the DP focuses on integrating content-specific knowledge and skills alongside life skills, such as collaboration, communication, and flexible thinking, students will need when navigating ever-changing academic, professional, and personal landscapes.

The Diploma Core

One of the enduring features of the Diploma Programme is a commitment to its three "Core" elements. Successful completion demonstrates that a student is well-rounded and well-prepared for the demands of higher education.

Theory of Knowledge requires students to ask, "How do we know?" and examine their responses through curricular courses and the world at large. Students develop critical thinking skills needed to grapple with complex issues and varied perspectives.

Creativity, Activity, and Service encourages students to pursue their interests while gaining experiential knowledge by designing and implementing creative, athletic, and community service experiences in Mongolia or abroad.

Extended Essay offers students the opportunity to conduct original academic research in labs, through interviews, or the examination of primary and secondary sources, to answer a sophisticated question of their own design in a formal paper. Supervisors provide academic guidance during the year-long process.

Global Application

Both ISU and the IBDP are inherently international in outlook and approach. Building on the global nature of our student body and teaching staff, discussions, resources, and topics in courses also address and analyze the stories and experiences of vastly different cultures and times. When students develop understanding of varied perspectives they become more  empathetic and better equipped to positively impact the world.


Course Offerings

Students must choose six courses: English, another language, and one course each from Individuals and Societies, Sciences, and Mathematics are all required. The sixth class may be either Visual Arts or a second course from Individuals and Societies or Sciences.

Language & Literature
Language Acquisition
Individuals & Societies
The Arts