Co-curricular Activities

Students at ISU pursue balance and well-roundedness in their lives through a variety of activities outside of the classroom that connect them with students across grade levels and with the broader Mongolian environment, community and culture.

ISU’s co-curricular activities are an essential complement to our formal written and taught curricula with objectives that allow our students opportunities to:

  • Pursue balance in their characters, their interests and their lives
  • Interact in meaningful ways with other students of different ages and cultural backgrounds
  • Acquire new skills and develop new interests
  • Develop in themselves many of the traits of the IB Learner Profile

Students are encouraged to take risks and to be open-minded by tackling unfamiliar challenges, developing their creativity and engaging with different social groups. Our programme offers a range of activities in such areas as sports, arts and crafts, academics, hobbies, student government, music and drama. We work to provide a variety of options for all ages year-round.


To help us to achieve many of the objectives of our CCA programme, ISU offers students at all grade levels opportunities to participate in a variety of competitive sports.

We welcome enthusiastic and passionate players as well as newcomers who are seeking to learn valuable skills through sports. The ISU Athletics program provides a supportive environment of fair play, mutual respect and fun where each individual can develop skills in leadership and teamwork. Our programmes promote to our student-athletes the value of commitment, academic success and health and wellness.

ISU connects with schools domestically and abroad through school networks within Ulaanbaatar and also internationally. We are proud founding members of both the Ulaanbaatar Athletics Conference (UBAC) and the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), with the latter offering our student athletes an opportunity to compete with peers at schools in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and mainland China.


ISU has a thriving aquatics program with offerings for every student in the school. In addition to swimming lessons for all primary school students from Pre-K to Grade 5, we offer swimming units to all students in the Middle Years Programme in Secondary School as well as a competitive swim-team programme after school.