MYP Course Offerings

Language & Literature

  • English A Language & Literature
  • Mongolian A Language & Literature

The Language and Literature course is designed to help students understand how to engage with the greatest pieces of writing ever created. Students are taught to think creatively and critically about these works and how they connect to local and global issues.

Language Acquisition

  • French B
  • Mandarin B

The Language Acquisition course is designed to help students learn new languages and become proficient in the speaking, listening, writing, and understanding of that new language. Students are taught to understand the culture of the language they are studying, which allows them to make connections between different parts of the world.

Individuals & Societies

The Individuals and Societies course helps our students to inquire and investigate local and global issues within the realms of humanities and social sciences. They learn to think critically about issues and communicate their findings to different audiences both within and outside the classroom.


The Science course integrates chemistry, biology, and physics to help give the students a better understanding of how our amazing world works. They learn to investigate the world around them through various methods found in the scientific community.


The Maths course is designed to help students enhance their numerical and logical thinking ability while developing a curiosity and enjoyment of the mathematical process. We integrate the elements of Numeracy, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Statistics and Probability to foster these abilities.

The Arts

  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts

The Arts course helps students enhance their creative thinking skills and enhances their ability to innovate, communicate, and present their artistic ideas to an audience. We teach the foundations of arts and facilitate the students’ ability to create their own works.


The Design course helps students recognize how to use the design cycle to successfully create solutions to personal, local, and global challenges. We teach them to use different forms of technology to create an innovative and sustainable set of actions to enhance the world around them.

Physical Health Education

The Physical Health Education course helps students to value lifelong physical activity and the health concepts, which leads to a productive learning experience. Students are taught to collaborate in conducting team activities and to design their own games.