Why ISU?

Our community is small, happy and very supportive of the school and its teachers. We are not stratified and we are not separated. And we seek out practitioners who will thrive and contribute to this ethos.

Recognizing that student success and teacher success are inextricably intertwined, we are both a student-centred and teacher-centred school.  We nurture newly-arriving faculty with a programme of orientation and coaching which helps them to get up to speed on the culture, the practices and the expectations of the school, and we devote our professional collaborative time to the sharing of good practices and the well-being of our teachers.

We believe that a school where faculty members look forward to coming to work every day, where they are energized and inspired by the enthusiasm and creativity of their peers, is one where students will be the greatest beneficiaries. With that in mind we continue to solicit staff input into systems and initiatives which keep alive that passion and connection in their practice, and we look to integrate them into our culture wherever doing so will help us to better achieve our goals.

And Mongolia is a lesser-known gem. It is a beautiful and remote landscape, sparsely populated by generous, hospitable people. It is steeped in a fascinating history, daily underscored by its geographic location between Russia and China. For such a small place and such a small population, the cultural identity of its inhabitants is remarkable.

And yet for its seeming isolation and extreme climate, life here is surprisingly easy. In Ulaanbaatar there are many good restaurants, featuring a variety of cuisines. Shops stock many high-quality and familiar brands from Europe and Korea, and daily services like internet, water and telephony are both stable and of good quality.

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