Zulaa Tuguldur

Class of 2019

NYU Stern School of Business

I find it most rewarding to have grown alongside ISU throughout my 5-year journey as a member of the varsity volleyball team. To give context, when I first joined in 8th grade, the now-primary gym was our only gym. At the time, I was more than satisfied with what we had, as we won the championships. A few years down the line, the now-secondary gym came into the picture and suddenly, new opportunities and challenges came by.  Then, in my senior year, ISU reached a new milestone with its admittance into the Orange Division in ACAMIS. Personally, there was no better ending to my time at ISU than being part of the first team to have attended the new ACAMIS. In hindsight, I learned valuable leadership and teamwork lessons that I hope ISU’s future generation will, too, learn alongside ISU’s growth.
I really appreciate how ISU fostered a collaborative environment amongst Mongolian and international students because it definitely helped me become more open to people from diverse backgrounds. Personally, I find this feat the most rewarding in my current life as a foreign student living in New York City. As much as it’s idolized in Pop Culture, the city truly is a ‘concrete jungle’ and I came to know that surrounding yourself with meaningful communities is what keeps you grounded and sane. Particularly, I appreciate the diversity of my friend groups as their experiences and personalities continue to help me learn more about myself. For instance, I decided to pursue a minor in public policy after I learned more about my friends’ personal experiences with global events such as the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the Black Lives Matter movement.
To current ISU students, please remember to express your gratitude to the teachers who support you because you never know when you’ll ever part ways.