Enkh-Erdene Bayarsaikhan

Class of 2012

Bachelor’s in Hotel & Business Management, Les Roches, Switzerland

Masters in Business Administration, Fudan University in Shanghai, China

General Manager for Century 21 Mongolia

ISU has been the true foundation of the rest of my life. As an ISU graduate, I am absolutely a global citizen, meaning I am able to adapt to any country and connect with people from all over the world. My knowledge and understanding of the world are truly open. Especially these days, where the world is in such a tense state, I believe that all ISU alumni are very sensitive to these happenings and all have to strive to better the world just a little. We are hardened to not be influenced by the politics and greed of other forces.

Being in ISU had noteworthy moments everyday. There were ups and downs, and sometimes even sideways. But never did we falter.